Invitation to international workshop

Join the international workshop "Environmental Effects Related to Waste Originating from Sea-Dumped Chemical Munitions" to be held in Gdynia on November 5th.

The workshop is organised by the Polish Naval Academy in cooperation with the Polish Chief lnspectorate of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Environment and Environmental Protection Agency of the Republic of Lithuania.

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to further assess international efforts with regard to eventual modalities for voluntary exchange of information and promotion of international cooperation to assess and increase awareness on the issue of sea-dumped chemical munitions worldwide. Furthermore, participants will be able to exchange information on the latests findings related to impact on environment caused by waste originating from chemical munitions dumped at sea, to discuss possible ways forward for enhanced cooperative actions and facilitation of the framework for international scientific networking and cooperation, as well as to share the best practices on awareness raising and incident prevention in fishing or shipping activities.




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